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What Can We Help You With?

We distinguish ourselves through our adherence to honesty and professionalism. We don’t only practise law, but strive to maintain good business interactions with our clients which contributes to the success of our firm and those of our clients. By entrusting Kern, Armstrong & Associates with your legal matters, you know that you are in capable hands.

Our services are diverse and we assist a number of clients, both individual and commercial, in various industries, specialising in different trades.

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Here's what we can help you with...


  • High Court Litigation;

  • Magistrates Court litigation;

  • Company registrations and ancillary matters;

  • Corporate Governance;

  • Legal advice on the commercial laws of South Africa;

  • BBBEE compliance and structuring; and

  • Commercial agreements (including but not limited to: Shareholders Agreements, Memorandum of Incorporation, Sale of Shares Agreement, Restraint of Trade Agreements, Director and/or Shareholder Resolutions and all supplementary documentation, Commercial Lease Agreements, Service Level Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Construction Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Franchise Agreements).



  • Employment dispute resolution & litigation;

  • General advice on the Labour Relations Act, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and all other relevant labour legislation.

  • Disciplinary Hearings (including but not limited to, chairing disciplinary hearings, drafting disciplinary notices and charges against employees and drafting or reviewing disciplinary procedure polices and related documents;

  • Review applications;

  • Condonation applications;

  • Urgent applications (Labour Court);

  • Mediation;

  • Mutually agreed terminations (including drafting mutual separation agreements);

  • Drafting of employment policies and agreements;

  • Representing clients at the CCMA and/or Bargaining Council; and

  • Conciliation/arbitration (and related) hearings (Including but not limited to: MIBCO and MEIBC).


  • Insurance litigation;

  • Dispute resolution;

  • Recoveries; and

  • Third party claims and liability claims.



  • Divorces (opposed and unopposed);

  • Mediation (including the drafting of settlement agreements);

  • Maintenance-related matters (including interim maintenance);

  • Parenting Plans; and

  • Child-related matters.


  • Protection orders; and

  • Harassment orders.


  • General criminal law, including assistance with criminal trials;

  • Commercial crimes and representing clients at the Commercial Crimes Court;

  • Corruption charges;

  • Road Traffic Offences and Driving Under the Influence;

  • Contempt of Court; and

  • Opposed and Unopposed Bail Applications.


  • Letters of Intent;

  • Aircraft Services Agreements;

  • Sale of Business Agreements;

  • Escrow Agreements;

  • Aircraft Sublease Agreements;

  • Repair / Overhaul Agreements;

  • Aircraft Sale and Purchase Agreements;

  • Aircraft Dry Lease Agreements;

  • Sale of Shares Agreements;

  • Recitals to Deeds of Mortgages;

  • Cooperation Agreements;

  • Management Agreements;

  • Aircraft and Engine Maintenance Agreements;

  • Aircraft Wet Lease Agreements;

  • Offers for Purchase and Lease Back Agreements;

  • Special Resolutions;

  • Mortgage Agreements; and

  • Aircraft Instalment Sale Agreements.


  • Defamation

If you are looking for expert and professional assistance with any of the above mentioned matters or something that we have not mentioned. Contact us today!

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